Saturday, September 30, 2006

Rootical Saturday

Positive Vibrations (KEXP FM) Listening to this show today (3 days before my 50th birthday), I'm reminded that Saturday morning reggae shows are a gift to: people who didn't sleep well, frat boys recovering from hangovers, people planning a day of housework in the apartments they live in alone--in short, to everyone who wakes and bakes on a Saturday.

Listening to this show also tells me that Jamaican music is going through a really creative phase. For awhile, everyone seemed to focus on getting the baddest rap ever on top of riddim X. In other words, it got old fast. Now producers are mix 'n' matching roots, rockers, classic dub, hip hop, dancehall, and whatever else (grime, jungle, soca) in the rythmic stew. Also, it sounds like producers are learning how to use the sharpness and clarity of digital special f/x to make distinctively digital-sounding dub versions.


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