Saturday, September 16, 2006

The first

If someone asked me what skill I was proudest of and that most truly reflected my heart, I'd have to say "being a musician." (Or "being a writer," which is the other one that fits the description.) One thing I know about musicians is that they're all obsessive about something. Often, about different things: musicians who practice nonstop (Coltrane, Hendrix), musicians whose whole aesthetic is about getting first takes down (Dylan, Neil Young), or (like me) musicians who are endlessly curious about music and find out about new artists, different styles of music, and different ideas to steal for their own work.

So since I'm too lazy to be the first kind of musician and generally identify with the second kind, I decided to dedicate a space to write about music as I listen to and think about it. Whether or not those thoughts are interesting (or of any use) to anyone besides myself, it's always nice to have a record.


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